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This site is a work in progress, created to host adequate and truthful information on why the UN Agenda 2030 is easily perceived as an overly ambitious, unreasonably costly international threat.  Agenda 2030 is not feasible and is therefore destined to cause enormous disruption and harm to global commerce, health and humanity. 

This sites mission is to provide a forum for discussion about viable legal remedies, and to disseminate critical timely information so that all people can be armed with courage, community, truth and strategy to win.  Together we can create a sustainable future without the UN dictating how!

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals sound WONDERFUL.  

Those are just the titles.  In reality, the goals are overly ambitious and can never be achieved under the Agenda 2030 framework.  

The UN is not revealing the immediate harm to society and lives that will be lost that will be directly caused by the forced unnecessary decarbonization under Agenda 2030.

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Proof this plan works!
Watch Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica...
We Are Beating Agenda 2030!

Join in the mission to stop Agenda 2030 from being adopted in as many countries as humanly possible by educating decision makers and empowering the people the UN program directly affects.  Power to the people!  The public private partnership under WEF-UN-WHO control must be constrained and reversed where already adopted.  In Perez Zeledon the people got the new Mayor to STOP AGENDA 2030, and push back the first 15 minute city proposed in Costa Rica, unless the Municipality guarantees PARTICIPATION, and the people agree on the city planning, which is now delayed and scheduled for 2028!!!

April 4, 2024

Huge Protest in Perez Zeledon against the re-zoning of land for “climate change” mitigation. Interest of Justice non profit files a legal protest and AUDIT to block the Agenda 2030 land grab for “eco (15 min) cities”.

April 9, 2024

Interest of Justice legal protest and AUDIT to block the Agenda 2030 land grab for “eco (15 min) cities” WORKED!  The exact same irregularities named in our legal demands and information requests were agreed upon by the city, who voted UNANIMOUSLY to SUSPEND the re-zoning until proven legal.

MaY, 2024

New Mayor and City council of Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica was sworn in on May 4, 2024. He vows to delay the re-zoning scheme 15 minute city land grab until 2028 and is setting up a commission with CIVIL SOCIETY ADVISORS to ensure science and constitutionality in any city planning. Municipality pledges to “be an example to the country for public participation and farmers rights” and sets up the first Farmers Day inauguration ceremony for May 17, 2024, inviting the towns agricultural sector to have a celebration in the central park for independence and to celebrate the areas “BRAVE and WARRIOR” people who protested in mass, sued and won to prove the Municipality was violating the peoples rights by barrelling forward. We fought hard here, and as a result, we won the right to obtain due process to slow down or Stop Agenda 2030. Globally, all areas must work to accomplish the same.

UN Sustainable Development SDG's are the worst problem!

Agenda 2030 is a big idea.  

The WEF and UN plan to restructure your entire society, usher in social credit system and digital currency.  They will need to tear down and destabilize your society, creating a crisis phase in order to fulfill their promise of “building back better”. 

Humanity must insist our governments reverse the adoption of the UN-WEF Agenda 2030 social credit tyranny, if we are to continue creating a better tomorrow for our future generations.

Regional, National and Global Teams are the best solution!

Stop Agenda 2030 Science Diplomacy & Ethics Ambassador Teams Are Forming In Every Country NOW! Educate instead of hate! Enlighten your leaders!

The only way to fix the global threat of Agenda 2030 is to start local whilst attacking the credibility of the UN’s scientific alarmism.  We must educate our leaders and help them to forge a better way to meet all the pillars without the UN. 

JOIN the ‘Stop Agenda 2030 Global Campaign’ as a local leader in your region.  All people and experts are being called upon to join as a united anti globalist alliance to help create, print, share and post the information on this site.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Rosa Korie explains the green scam and its purpose of slavery

Watch this video with Rosa Korie for one of the most concise speeches to learn about Agenda 21 and the UN Agenda 2030 sustainable development schemes and why we should be insistent upon all countries resisting them.



Watch this video with Rosa Korie for one of the most concise speeches to learn about Agenda 21 and the UN Agenda 2030 sustainable development schemes and why we should be insistent upon all countries resisting them.


Vaccines with less safety are the purpose of SDG 3 & most SDG's

The video below is for the WHO Emergency Use Listing (EUL), which is the program to put the covid vaccines on the global market.  In the video the WHO calls the EUL products safe.  Agenda 2030 and Immunization 2030 calls for “equitable access to EUL medical countermeasures”.  However, on the EUL website the WHO states unequivocally, “EUL products are for when the public/public officials are willing to accept LESS CERTAINTY ABOUT SAFETY“. This is not stated in the fact sheet because medical countermeasures are “treated as the practice of medicine”, as if approved, whilst still in research.

Together we can create a sustainable planet without the UN dictating how.

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